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Products and Prices
1. Do you sell full cartons only?
No, only very few products are sold per carton only. Below every listed product, 2 orderlines are showed. The first line shows in what quantities the products are offered. This could be a pc,set,bunch  or packing for example packing 500 gm. The second line is for a mastercarton. The price per unit will be lower when bought per full carton.

2. Do you sell your products per pc or per kg ?
We sell our products  per pc,kg,set,dozen,bunch,etc.The picture and data are representative for the selling unit. The second orderline below the productname is the number of unit per full carton. Most items have a brief description, click the productname to view this. To see an
enlargement of the product, click on the small photo.

3. What are the  prices for business customers?
We give  wholesale discount 28 % on all orders over 600 Euro. When you are buying full cartons (the second orderline under the product name) and you reach this order amount, then the prices are wholesale prices. You can see an instant calculation of the ordertotal (without shipping) when viewing the shopping cart.

4. When do I receive discount?
THE PRICE IN 2-nd window is already with discount 28 % .

5. Do you keep stock of all products?
Yes, all products are sold from our own stock. We daily update our product database, but stock outs can happen. If so, you can choose for a replacement, wait for new inventory or receive a refund.

Informations on the haulage given are in the division the Haulage

A charactestic of our products is the relatively high volume in comparison to the volume of the products. This means that shipping to some countries will give delivery costs that are substantial compared to the value of the products. We have chosen not to calculate the shipping in the price of our products, but to charge these separately and to give a realistic price to our products.

7. How long does it take before I receive my order?
In Poland We send you order in 2-3 working day after we have received the full payment of the order. Please keep in mind, that payments per bank can take one or more day, dependent on your bank. The order , can be sent collect on delivery too the ordered commodity after earlier co-ordinating with the customer. The provided invoice is along with an ordered commodity.


8. Can I return products?
When the qualitity of the products is not meeting expectations, please contact us. In consultation with us, you can either return products or we send a replacement article. Shipping charges for returns will not be refunded.

9. Can I pick up my order at your company?
Yes, you can choose this is an option when going through the checkout procedure. You can have your order picked up at our warehouse in Mieroszow (Poland) when you have received a message from us that the order is ready. We are openened from Monday to Friday, from 08.00am till 4:00pm . We only accept cash payments when you choose the pay at pick up.

10. How can I pay?

For the commodity ordered one ought to pay with the transfer on the bank account before the dispatch  of the commodity or advance an amount and the rest  can be paid to the courier on receipt of the commodity.

On receipt of the commodity in the firm for the commodity is paid a cash.

After the longer cooperation the firm the JEN-IMPORT puts out invoices with the due date to 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 30 days.

New orderings will be realized after the payment of the last invoice.


 12. Do I have to pay in advance or can I buy on credit?
Your order will not be shipped before we have received the full payment. This applies to business and private customers. Please keep in mind that payments per bank can take a few days.

12. Why are all prices exlcuding VAT?
Most of our customers are business customers, therefore we show we prices exluding taxes.

13. When can I purchase without paying VAT-charges?
Customers outside the EU do not have to pay for the V.A.T. (value added taxes), as well as VAT-registered customers within the EU (outside the Netherlands).
If you purchase with a VAT-number, this number will be verified with your registered name and no. at our tax office on web site:

When you have purchased without VAT, but your VAT-number will not confirmed by our authorities, we will charge these taxes afterwards.


 General questions

14. Do you have a minimum order on website ?
No, we don’t have a minimum order on website .

15. How do I order at your website ?
Ordering at Jen-Import  is very easy:
- Register at ‘my account’.
- Fill the shopping cart with your products (you can start shopping before registering)
- Follow the checkout procedure. The checkout-procedure are 3 steps; choose shipping, choose payment option and the final confirmation.
16. Does JEN-IMPORT  has a showroom and  shop ?
We only offer the possibility to shop in our inventory when buying full cartons and with a minimum order of 600 Euro.
We have a small display room, with a selection of our products. We do not have a shop.

17. Do you sell to the wholesale market?
Yes, with our discount program and low prices for mastercartons, we can supply for competitive prices to wholesalers.

18. Can I buy at JEN-IMPORT  as a private customer?
Yes, Jen-Import  supplies to business and private customers. Business customers have the possibility to buy for lower prices, when buying larger quantities due to our discount system.

19. What do you do with my company and personal details?
Your account details will be treated confidentially. These will not be showed or sold to third parties. When you have subscribed to the newsletter, we will use your email address for our mailings. Also in this case, your details will not be given to any third party.

20. Does JEN-IMPORT  imports  their products themselves?
JEN-IMPORT  imports themselves their products directly from difernet countrys.