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Selling Terms and Deliveries

General Terms of sale and delivery of JEN-IMPORT

1. General
1.These general terms of sale apply to all our offers and to all agreements with third parties.
2. Confidentiality promises: JEN-IMPORT ensures confidential handling of all customer data received.
The safety of the transaction

All data bank and of a firm of our customers are secret.


2. Offers
1. Our offers are without obligation.
2. A transaction via the internet will only exist after acceptation of the order by JEN-IMPORT. JEN-IMPORT is allowed to reject order or to set certain conditions to a delivery, unless stated otherwise. If the order placed through the internet, did not reach JEN-IMPORT due to technical reasons, no transaction exists and need order again.

3. Prices
1. The prices we quote, unless mentioned otherwise, are exclusive of purchase tax and with tax and exclusive shipment and transport costs.
2. The prices agreed upon are based on cost factors as they exist at the time the agreement is made. We reserve the right to charge our client a proportional rise in price, in case our suppliers raise theirs, and with other changes in price fixing factors.

4. Forwarding (Shipping)
1. Forwarding is always, also with free delivery, at the buyer-s risk.
2. We have the choice of way of forwarding and packing.

5. Delivery
1. The given dates of delivery are to be seen as target dates.
2. If delivery of the goods does not take place at the time that was agreed upon, we have a right to a thirty-day period for late delivery. This period starts from the date we receive the buyer-s summons by registered post.
3. If delivery does not take place, even after proof of default, the buyer only has the right to cancel the agreement in writing. The failure of delivery can never, not even after proof of default, give the client a right to claim compensation.

6. Circumstances beyond our control
1. In case circumstances beyond our control delay or prevent the execution of the agreement, we have the right to cancel the agreement without giving the buyer the right of claiming compensation.
2. Circumstances beyond our control include the non-delivery or late delivery by our suppliers of goods which we need to carry out our obligations, strikes and impeding governmental measures.

7. Liability and complaints
1. Complaints connected with deliveries are to be made in writing within 14 days after the goods should have been received by the buyer. If the buyer fails to do so, we consider ourselves to have delivered in accordance with our obligations.
2. If complaints are made in time, and the goods delivered do not meet the terms of the agreement, it is up to us to decide, after receiving the goods back, whether to deliver again (free of charge) or to credit the buyer-s account. We are not committed to any further obligations, in particular, not to any compensation

8. Payments for invoices and Disputes
1. Poland law applies to all our agreements.
2. Possible disputes will be taken to the Court of the authorized Judge of that city in which we have the right to report a dispute, to that Judge, who, without the condition mentioned before, would be qualified to be informed of the claim.